Growing Jobs and Our Economy.

Creating job growth opportunities for small businesses is key to improving our state’s economy. Working across party lines, Representative Sarah Anderson…

  • Spurred economic growth with largest tax cut in 20 years
  • Streamlined regulation to ensure businesses face fair, predictable, and consistent oversight
  • Championed initiatives for growing high-paying jobs
  • Lowered individual market health insurance premiums
  • Supported property tax relief for businesses and homeowners

Protecting You and Your Family

Plymouth residents know responsible budgeting supports a healthy economy that helps us support our communities. Representative Sarah Anderson…

  • Expanded mental health services for children and adults
  • Authored bill keeping guns away from domestic abusers
  • Passed REAL ID so you can travel hassle-free
  • Limited access to opioids and increased treatment options
  • Provided greater transparency in and investigation of elder abuse
  • Stopped fraud and abuse of state resources like the Vikings stadium
  • Fought for clean water in our schools and communities
  • Carried tax relief incentive for paid family leave

Strong Schools.  Smart Students!

We know a world-class education is critical to our children’s future. Representative Sarah Anderson…

  • Passed school funding increase of $1.4 billion
  • Worked for smaller class sizes
  • Increased investments in early childhood education
  • Lowered child care costs
  • Froze college tuition
  • Reduced parent’s education expenses
  • Gave priority funding for student and school safety

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