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Every election cycle, you are subjected to a flurry of false or misleading claims. Unfortunately, this year is no different.

As the mom of a third grader, I want what is best for all kids. I want what is best for the entire community. That is why as your State Representative, I have worked across party lines – earning an 84 percent bipartisan voting record, one of the highest in the Minnesota House – to get things done for Plymouth.

Overall, 93 percent of the bills sent to Governor Dayton had bipartisan support.  93%!!!

Good Schools for All

Every Plymouth parent knows good schools help our kids and state succeed. Here is how Representative Sarah Anderson made schools better…

  • Voted to fully fund all-day kindergarten for every child (2013 HJ3794)
  • Carried early childhood education scholarship increase (2015 HF603, HF2670)
  • Voted to reduce college tuition (2015 HJ4875)
  • Increased higher education funding by $166 million (2015 HJ4875)

Keeping Kids Safe

As the mom of a 5th grader, nothing is more important to Representative Sarah Anderson than the safety of children.

  • Voted to prevent children’s exposure to toxic chemicals (2009 HF2123 HJ3443, 2012 HF2164 HJ8308, 2014 HF3172 HJ9319)
  • Voted to ban potentially harmful chemicals in children’s toys and furniture (2015 SF1215 HJ4778)
  • Voted for Abigail Taylor Pool Safety Act (2008 SF2833 HJ11961)
  • Voted to ban BPA in baby bottles and other children’s food containers (2013 HF459 HJ4446)
  • Voted to ban lead in children’s jewelry (2007 SF1262 HJ7467)
  • Voted to protect children from abuse and predators (2015 HF8 HJ476, SF1458 HJ5531 and 2013 SF778 HJ6340)
  • Expanded mental health services for children and adults (2017 SS HF2, SF2, HF5)
  • Authored bill keeping guns away from domestic abusers (2018 HF4474)
  • Limited access to opioids and increased treatment options (2017 SS SF2)

Keep In Touch

Protecting What Makes Minnesota Great!

Camping, hiking, snowshoeing, skating, and sledding – my family does it all. We love the outdoors! As your State Representative, I worked across party lines to protect Minnesota’s lakes, streams, and land.

  • Voted for $22 million investment in Governor’s water buffer initiative (2015 HF846 HJ5684)
  • Toughened penalties to prevent spread of aquatic invasive species (2015 HF846 HJ5684)
  • Protected/restored 72,039 acres of land and 115 miles of shoreline (2015 SF2527 HJ8682)
  • Banned synthetic microbeads that pollute our waters (2015 HF846 HJ5684)
  • Allocated $231 million for water quality improvements (2015 SF2527 HJ8682)
  • Dedicated $89 million to parks and trails across the state (2015 SF2527 HJ8682)
  • Established a renewable energy standard of 31.5 percent by 2020 (2007 SF4 HJ446 Xcel)
  • Expanded energy conservation supported by leading environmental groups (2016 HF3931 HJ7764)

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