Dear Neighbors,

Every campaign season you are subjected to a flurry of false or misleading information, the stretching of truths or outright lies. Unfortunately, this year is no exception.

In her third attempt running against me, my opponent has distributed blatantly erroneous attacks on my voting record.  Her claims are flat-out wrong.

My opponent falsely claims I have been employed in politics for 20 years.  Twenty years ago I was in college working as a waitress.

I voted for free all-day kindergarten funding. I'm shocked, however, that my opponent wanted me to vote for the final bill which included extending the school funding shift and adding $52 million to its burden. The final education finance bill also dumbed down our children's diplomas and doubled standardized tests for our kids. I opposed those measures.

House File 2214 directed MnDOT to expand highway 494 through Plymouth with a permanent general purpose lane. You can see I voted for this bill here:

On giving a 5 percent increase to nursing home, long-term care, and disability givers, I co-authored this legislation and I voted for it.  Here are my votes to get House File 2408 passed:

I also worked to keep your kids safe at school. If your child gets brought to the principal's office, you should be notified so you have the chance to look out for your child's best interests. Under the Safe Schools bill, the school doesn't have to notify you - leaving you in the dark about what is happening to your child at school.  See my vote here to fix that:

In the last four years, I have cast 1,409 bipartisan roll-call votes in the Minnesota House.  As a Republican, I have cast more bipartisan roll-call votes than any Democrat House member.

I was chosen to be an Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow because I work to get things done.  I was also invited to and participated in the No Labels "End Gridlock" strategy session this September.

As Election Day approaches, I hope you will carefully consider any attacks by my opponent and her crew.  Please don't take them at face value.

It would be an honor to serve you and your family again in the Minnesota House.  However, there are some things I will not do just to win an election.  I won't lie about my opponent. Ever.


Sarah Anderson

State Representative - 44A



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