Dear Neighbors,

Every campaign season, voters are subjected to a flurry of false or misleading information, the stretching of truths or outright lies.  Unfortunately, this year is no exception.
My opponent has mailed blatantly erroneous attacks on my voting record and my personal background.  Her claims are flat-out wrong.
For the last two years, I have worked to remove barriers to job growth - freeing up cash flow for small businesses and defeating job-killing tax increases.  I voted to increase school funding by $650 million and supported funding early childhood education.  In addition, I helped turn a $5.1 billion budget deficit into a $1.2 billion budget surplus.
As Election Day approaches, I hope you will carefully consider any attacks by my opponent.  Please don't take them at face value. 
It would be an honor to serve you again in the Minnesota House.  However, there are some things I will not do to win an election.  I won't lie about my opponent.  Ever.
Sarah Anderson
State Representative - 44A



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